Helix HEIGHT 2023 - Exam Details

Syllabus And Exam Pattern

NCERT Syllabus of previous class and current class as provided in syllabus & pattern section.

Here are the key aspects of the exam:

Format: The exam will be in offline mode.
Duration: The exam duration will be communicated to candidates in advance, providing sufficient time to complete all sections.
Sections: The exam is divided into sections based on subjects, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.
Question Types: The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions.


For Class VII & VIII +4 for the correct answer (No Negative Marking for the wrong answer)
For Class IX & X +4 for correct answer & -1 for wrong answer (Negative Marking)
(If many students secure equal aggregate marks, a higher rank will be given by comparing subject scores in priority of IQ, Maths, Physics & Chemistry. If all the subject scores are equal, lower-age students will be given a higher rank.)

Sample Papers

The Helix Talent Hunt Exam - Helix HEIGHT follows a well-structured evaluation process to assess candidates' knowledge and skills accurately.

Join us in the glorious HELIX HEIGHT Mega Talent Hunt Exam, and let your potential ascend to an extraordinary HEIGHT!

Height Process & Prize Distribution Policy


It will be conducted in different cities across Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh on different dates.
The Result of HEIGHT Phase-1 will be declared in the end of October'23. Common Rank List will be prepared by merging all HEIGHT Exams conducted on different dates from all states.
All India Top Rankers will be considered based on Common Rank List.
Helix Institute uses Tie-Breaker policy to assign ranks to students who secure equal aggregate marks. In that case subject scores with following sequence will be considered to break the tie. Mental Ability then Maths then Biology then Physics then Chemistry. If all subject scores are also equal then lower age student will be given higher rank. If date of birth of students is same then marks of last class passed will be considered to break the tie.
Candidates shall be Eligible for Cash Prizes, Awards and Certificates based on the result of HEIGHT Phase-1.
Rs. 600/- HEIGHT Phase-2 (HSAT) fee will be waived OFF for a student who appeared in HEIGHT Phase-1. Qualified students need not to pay Enrolment Fees of HSAT to be held immediately after HEIGHT Phase-1.


To avail Scholarships in HELIX Courses for Class 9th, 10th, 11th (NEET/JEE), students must appear in HEIGHT Phase-2 Exam with the name HSAT-Helix Scholarship cum Admission Test.
Scholarships will be awarded based on the result of HEIGHT Phase-2 (HSAT). Amount of Scholarship will be based on the Rank scored in HSAT. Helix will announce the Scholarships to be awarded based on Ranks after the declaration of HSAT result.
Last date to avail Scholarships based on the Result of HEIGHT Phase-2 (HSAT) will be 15th December'23.
Admission to HELIX classroom course is mandatory to claim the full cash Prize. Cash Prizes won under HEIGHT-2023 will be valid only till the felicitation of Prize distribution ceremony. Else, if student (except 7th class) has not taken admission in any of the HELIX course for session 2024-25 can claim only half of the Cash Prize offered.
All Cash Prizes will be distributed in the month of June'24 in Prize Distribution Ceremony held by HELIX. Attending the function is mandatory to collect cash prizes, else the eligibility stands cancelled.
Helix Institute reserves its right to hold the result of any student who is found guilty of cheating by any means.
HEIGHT Phase-1 Cash Prizes will be paid by cheque in the name of the student. All the scholarships awarded in HEIGHT Exam and HSAT will be in the form of fee concessions for the Helix courses joined by student in 2024 session.


HEIGHT is a two Phase exam.

Phase-1 is conducted for all students to identify hidden talent and awarding them with Cash Prizes.

Phase-2 HSAT is for higher Scholarships in the form of Fee concession in Helix Courses.